Friday, December 17, 2010

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Now this is an AWESOME book.  I can't say just how much I loved this book.  It is bascially the story of two different people, Anna, who is married to a successful politician and lives for her son, and Levin who is a godless man who is trying to use logic and reason to figure life out.  He is a good man, and is in love with a beautiful girl who eventually loves him back, and he only wants to benefit others, but hates life and wants to kill himself.  Well, as the book goes on the lives of these two cross as Anna's life goes to the dumps when she tries to live on physical love alone, and Levin finds the ultimate joy and peace when he finds God and joy in his family. 

Plus, this book was a window into Russian society of the time.  I love when a book helps me feel like I can understand a time period of country more clearly. 

Tolstoy is not in a hurry to explain anything, and the character development was thorough, almost painfully so.  But in the end I really appreciated it.

I would definitely read this book again and recommend it whole heartedly.  This one will find a permanent spot in my library.

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