Friday, December 17, 2010

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

This is a great book.  This is the story of a big dog that is half Shepherd and half St. Bernard that is stolen from his comfortable estate in California and shipped up to Alaska during a gold rush.  He is a beast and progresses to be the ultimate sled dog by becoming connected to his ancient ancestors.  His evolution takes him backwards until his ends up running, and leading the wolves.

Now what made this book great is that I read it with my son Spencer.  It was great to read with him something of great literary value.  Great time together and great learning for Spencer.

Jack London is an extraordinary writer of the outdoors.  I really felt like I was there with Buck, the dog, on the trails in Alaska.  It was fascinating to read a book where the hero was a dog and the people played back up roles. 

I loved this book and I bought it so I can read it with all of my kids as they grow up.

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