Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway

So, I don't understand why I keep reading Hemmingway novels.  I don't enjoy them.  I think they are slow and the stories seem pointless.  He gives details that leave me scratching my head and the characters make dumb choices constantly.  But then when I finish them I think they are fascinating. 

Hemmingway seems to paint a picture of a person's life to show you how the conditions of the time have impacted that person.  This is book fits that description.  It is the story of a writer named Jake Barnes who lives in Post World War I Europe.  He and his friends are all damaged.  The ravages of war seem to have taken from them all hope in traditional love and family.  Half of this book is Jake and someone drinking something.  Jake loves this girl named Brett, but both are so messed up they know they can't be together, even though the always end up together, dreaming about how happy they could be together.

I really enjoyed how this book helped me to see Post World War I Europe. 

Even though I spent most of this book wanting it to be over; I am now in the middle of another Hemmingway novel.  I seem to be slow learner!

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