Friday, December 17, 2010

Lolita by Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov

This book is gross.  Basically it is the memoirs of a dying pedophile.  He takes you through the mindset of a man that loves pre-teen girls and what makes a desirable one.  He marries a woman so he can be close to her daughter.  He and his wife fight when she figures this out and she gets hit by a car and killed when she runs out of the house.  All seems perfect for our hero, until the girl, now a teenager runs off and gets pregnant with someone else. He then spend big chunk of the book looking for her. Really was disturbing.  I couldn't really get into this book and I only read through it to understand why it is so renowned. 

I think it was very provocative and revolutionary from a stylistic point of view.  The author showed no fear and made very graphic statements as if it were common place.  I think this book fits into the category of books that are more talked about than read.

Am I glad I read it? No really.  However, I am glad that when this book comes up I will at least know what people are talking about.

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