Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

This book was strange.  It was a little hard to read because it uses the name of the Lord in vain constantly along with various other vulgar terms.  However, it wasn't really done in an offensive way; I know that sounds strange, but it just seemed to be the way the protagonist talked. 

Basically the story is about a boy in the 50's who comes from a wealthy family and has failed out of his fourth school.  He is smart enough, but he just thinks that social norms are phony and doesn't feel a desire to live up to them.  He hates plays, and pretty much all high society.  Basically the book is a few days of him wandering around after being expelled out of school before he is supposed to go home. 

I didn't like it while I was reading it.  However, when I finished on it and tried to figure out why anyone would like it, I think I understood the gist of it.  Basically it is about how not everyone fits into the social norms of society and how different is treated as bad, when maybe different is just different.  I think Holden, the main character, just has a hard time fitting in and never feels appreciated.  He seems to see through the false facades of others and is offended by them. 

I still don't think this would be a book I would really recommend.  The language and rambling style got old to me in a hurry.

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